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If you are looking for Master of the Universe PDF info it's at the bottom of this post
(note this has been added to the 50 Shades Master Page)

This post is prompted by the 300 hits I get a day on my old blog at wordpress.com with requests for a PDF version of MotU.

Do you know I've just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey? Shocking since I read MotU at least 10 times and have dedicated numerous posts to it and even helped design a MotU blog and quiz. Sigh that I felt like I would be betraying Edward Cullen for Christian Grey.

Well, I am treating them almost like twin brothers and love them both.

Here are some of my MotU graphics but revamped for 50 Shades of Grey.

Enjoy everyone!

By the way the original MotU ones can be found here and here.

Interested in the 50 Shades Quiz? Find it here.
Try the original Master of the Universe quiz here and see answers here. The winner got a 50 Shades glossy autographed by the author E.L. James (back then known as Icy).

Lastly are you looking for a MotU PDF? I am not distributing this but you can easily find it here at SharedTermPapers if you sign up (quick and free).


Twired Jen said...

Woah, you posted! Awww I got so excited when I saw the update in my blog roll :)

x J

Dangrdafne said...

I remember these. I LOVE them. Such talent you have.

It is nice to see you posting again :)

Dangrdafne said...

My Mom just finished the 50 Shades Trilogy and LOVED them. I mean she really loved them. I can't wait to discuss them with her. And your link was very helpful as now I want her to read MotU :)

Anonymous said...

hi, does MOTU 2 ends with James Smith calling Bella? and how many outtakes are there for this entire MOTU fanfic?

eloquentmink21 said...

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can email me the pdf of MOTU? I have searched all over for it and cannot find it. email is: eloquentmink21@yahoo.com

Thanks to anyone who can help :)

Maria Martinez said...

Hi, I'm also looking for MOTU. If anyone has pdf please send email to mlmartinez34@yahoo.com

Aimee Absinthe said...

Can you send me the pdf of MOTU?


Tracey Ford said...

Please send me the pdf too btracey182@hotmail.com :)

Tracey Ford said...

Please send me the pdf too btracey182@hotmail.com :)

Merylin said...

Hi can you please send the pdf to MotU please? :) samjane_81992@yahoo.com

Rachael said...

Hi, could you please send me a pdf copy of MOTU? My email is Preety1803@aol.com

Mndy85 said...

I'd love to get a pdf copy of MotU, can you please email it to grcardenas88@gmail.com?

Carolina said...

Can you send me a copy of MOTU? I leave you my email caronagel@hotmail.com. Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Master of the Universe almost direct link. CTRL-F to open 'Find' then type 'Master'. May have to sign up.